Feel confident & empowered

to journey through birth and beyond on your own terms

Hypnobirthing classes, birth and postpartum education and support for the mama who wants to write her own story

You want your pregnancy, birth and journey into motherhood to be some of the most incredible days of your life.

You want a birth experience that is awe-inspiring and goose-bump worthy.

You want to approach your pregnancy, birth and journey into motherhood feeling strong, empowered and confident. Knowing that you are writing your own incredible story.

But there’s so much information. Everyone has an opinion. And no one is asking you what you want.

You want to speak up – to do birth and motherhood on your own terms. You want to have choices. You want to be seen, heard and valued. You want to do things differently.

Imagine if….

You felt calm and confident as you prepared to welcome your baby into the world?

You felt like you were the ultimate authority in your pregnancy and birth?

You could start to value yourself again now that you are a mother?

Kate Vivian childbirth educator Perth

I’m Kate Vivian

A mama  to three beautiful girls. My first birth and the transition into motherhood was an experience that left me reeling. Feeling like I was invisible, that I didn’t matter. That I had lost who I was.

Pregnant with my second baby, I knew there had to be a different way. A different way to do my birth.  A different way to approach my experience of motherhood.

This journey was the birth of me.  I’ve learnt how to speak up. To be seen, heard and valued for who I am. To trust myself and my instincts.

I’ve taken the pain of a traumatic birth and the feeling of being invisible and turned it into my power.

And now I’m here to support you to discover your own power, wherever you are along your pregnancy or parenting journey.

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My journey into motherhood taught me that it’s ok to choose differently.

For the past 5 years, I’ve supported women to redesign their experience of birth and their daily experience of motherhood.  From the mama who spoke up when she didn’t want to wear a hospital gown during labour to the mama who found the confidence to tune out the advice from friends and family and do what felt right for her and her family.  

I work with women (and couples) who want to do things differently. Who want to feel confident and connected, instead of filled with fear. Who want to be seen and heard and not just become another number.

I teach women to honour themselves at a time when the world is telling them everything, and everyone, else is more important.

It’s time to honour yourself.

Your journey

starts here…

Ultimate birth preparation toolkit

Ultimate Birth Preparation Toolkit

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positive VBAC education

Hypnobirthing Australia Positive Birth Program

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5 days, 5 simple ways to feel rested, restored and replenished - even among the chaos



If you have heard nothing but negative stories and comments around childbirth, this is a breath of fresh air and in my opinion, bringing back the roots of childbirth in all its glory.

Michaela Sweet

You’ll learn so much about pregnancy and birthing, that you’ll feel empowered by that knowledge, especially if you want to be actively involved in the decision-making process of your birth! The techniques learnt have helped me prepare and confidently birth without fear.

Sara Craggs

Kate was a fantastic teacher and the perfect mix of practical information, support and techniques and more spiritual practices.

Elly Griffin

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