Birth preparation shouldn’t be hard

Everything you need to feel confident and ready for birth – at your fingertips

birth preparation toolkit

Preparing for birth can feel overwhelming

You always seem to have so many questions – when do we go to the hospital? What is labour actually going to feel like? Will my partner know what to do?

And for every question, there’s a mountain of answers in so many different places -from childbirth classes, birth stories, books, podcasts, blogs, friends, family – the list is endless. It can feel like you are drowning in information and you’ve forgotten the most important things.


I know – I’ve been there! In fact I was so overwhelmed when I was preparing for the birth of my first baby, that I just gave up preparing – and it didn’t end well.


You feel like you have more questions than answers

And you’re struggling to bring it all together

You feel overwhelmed by information and a lack of time

You wish that there was a ‘one-stop shop’ to make your life easier.

You simply want to feel confident and prepared for birth

And you want to do it on your own terms

If only there was a way to have all the information you need to feel ready for birth – at your fingertips.

Preparing for your birth just got a whole lot easier – and a lot less time-consuming!


The Ultimate Birth Preparation Toolkit

The Ultimate Birth Preparation toolkit is everything you need to build resilience, cultivate self-trust and feel confident to give birth on your own terms – all with handy checklists and cheat sheets so you don’t forget a thing!

The Ultimate Birth Preparation Toolkit is your guide to having the confident, empowered birth you desire – however you welcome your baby into the world.

What’s inside the toolkit…

With 50 pages of guides, practical exercises, worksheets, and tools and techniques this is everything you need to feel prepared and confident for birth. without freaking the eff out!

Together we cover


Creating healthy habits

How to prepare your body and mind so that you can cultivate trust in yourself and the birth process, release fears and build resilience 


Labour and birth - a rough guide

In this unique approach to looking at labour and birth, you’ll learn not just what to expect, but also how each phase of labour might feel and how you can be supported at every stage along the way


Making informed decisions

Dive into the decision making framework that will help you make informed, educated decisions at every step along your journey


Creating your birth guide

Filled with questions designed to get you thinking, this section will help you create your ultimate birth guide – so that you feel confident and prepared regardless of the journey your birth takes.


Creating your birth sanctuary

Regardless of where you give birth, learn how to create your birth sanctuary – a space that feels safe, warm and inviting – even if it is in a hospital


Turning pain into power

In this no BS approach to the pain of birth, we explore how pain can become your birthing superpower, how your hormones are your helpers and how to support these awesome helpers


Your toolkit for birth

Looking for natural ways to work with the pain of labour, I’ve got you covered. Explore what you’ve already got in your toolkit, and discover new techniques – all with handy cheatsheets designed to be taken with you

You’ll also get these insane bonuses…

The 'don't forget a thing' checklists and cheat sheet bundle

Worried about forgetting something – I’ve got you covered. From what to pack in your hospital bag to what to do if labour slows, these checklists and cheat sheets are designed to save you time, worry and to let you focus on more important things  – like having a baby!

Birth Affirmation Printables

Who doesn’t love a birth affirmation? I’ve put together some of my favourite birth affirmations – ready for you to print and place around your house and your birthing space or save them to your phone and take them with you wherever you go



Sanctum - preparing your postpartum sanctuary

Prepare for life after baby. Sanctum is your guide to preparing your ultimate postpartum sanctuary. A space where you can feel calm and connected as you settle into life with your new baby.



The end result?

You get everything you need to feel confident and empowered to give birth on your own terms – just as it should be!

Feel confident and ready for birth

Without the overwhelm or freakout!

Are you ready to have everything you need to cultivate self-trust, stop the doubt and birth like a boss? And have it all at your fingertips?

  • 50 pages of guides, worksheets and exercises including
    • Creating healthy habits for  cultivating self-trust, releasing fear and building resilience
    • Exploring what to expect duing labour and how to be supported at every phase
    • How to make informed, educated decisions
    • Creating your birth guide – to help you feel confident in any turn your birthing takes
    • Turning your pain into power – a no BS approach to the pain of birth and why it is your superpower
    • Creating your birth sanctuary – feel safe and comfortable whereever you are birthing
    • Your toolkit for birth – load up your toolkit with these natural approachs to pain relief  and start exploring which techniques really work for you (value $47)
  • Building resilence – fear release and 30 day Resilience building challenge (value $17)
  • BONUS: The ‘Don’t forget a thing’ cheat sheet and checklist bundle (value $7)
  • BONUS: Birth affirmation printables (value $7)
  • BONUS: Sanctum – your guide to creating your postpartum sanctuary (value $27)

Valued at $98 – yours today for only $27!


birth preparation toolkit

Hey there,

I’m Kate Vivian – chief mama in charge around here.

I remember feeling so overwhelmed when we were preparing to meet our first baby. There seemed to be so much to read and to remember, I had so many questions – until I sat in the obstetrician’s office and then I had none.

I felt like I was drowning in information. All I wanted was to have everything in one place. Something I could take with me.

Something that was actually helpful during my births. That gave me the tools and techniques I needed. That helped my husband feel more confident that he knew what he was doing. I just wanted to feel more ready.

My Ultimate Birth Preparation Toolkit is everything I learnt during the births of my three babies, and everything I have passed on in my work as a childbirth educator and doula. And it’s everything I wish I had at the beginning – oh how different life would have been! 

Kate Vivian

Imagine how different your life will be when….

  • You can stop dreading labour because you’ve explored what tools and techniques work for you and you have a load more because you just never know what you’ll need on the day

  • You feel confident and empowered to face any turn your birthing takes, ready to make the decisions that are best for you

  • You can stop stressing about forgetting something because you have all the checklists and cheatsheets you need

  • You don’t need to worry about how your birth partner will go during labour as they feel equipped to support you on the big day (and they have a cheat sheet if they forget what to say!)

I’ve got you mama


With the Ultimate Birth Preparation Toolkit, you can finally relax – knowing you’ve got all this covered.

Don’t forget these insane bonuses!

Checklist and cheatsheet bundle

Wondering what to pack in your hospital bag? Or what to do if your due date comes and goes? Is your partner worried that they won’t know what to say or how to support you? This Checklist and cheatsheet bundle has you covered.

affirmations for birth

Affirmations for birth

Need to create a positive mindset? Want something positive to focus on during your pregnancy and birth? These beautiful affirmations are just what you need. Print them out or save them as wallpaper on your phone for whenever you need a moment of inspiration

postpartum plan

Sanctum - preparing for postpartum

You’ve thought about the birth, but have you planned for life once have a baby? Sanctum is your guide to creating the ultimate postpartum sanctuary – a space where you feel calm, connected and supported, even if you have no idea what you are doing!

That’s over 80 pages guides, exercises, worksheets, cheat sheets and checklists plus my favourite birth affirmations curated just for you.

Are you ready to feel ready??

No more overwhelm, no more worry – just you, feeling confident and prepared with everything at your fingertips

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I hit 'buy now'?

First, I do a little (or maybe huge) happy dance that you’ve taken a step to remove the overwhelm and feel more confident and prepared to welcome your baby into the world.

Once you’ve purchased your Ultimate Birth Preparation Toolkit, you’ll be able to download your toolkit, plus all the bonuses immediately

Do you promise I will have a natural birth?

No. I can’t promise that. Nobody can. Birth is completely unpredictable. But by feeling more confident and ready for birth you will be better equipped to handle any turn your birthing journey takes

I'm planning on having an epidural - will this still help?

Absolutely! Birth is so much more than whether you choose to have pain relief or not. Skills like creating a positive mindset, building resilience, and having a range of tools and techniques that help you stay calm and relaxed aren’t just for pregnancy and birth – their skills for parenthood as well.

I need to be induced or have a caesarean - will this still be of benefit?

Absolutely! – See the question above. Regardless of how, when or where your baby enters this world, there’s something in here for you. 

Do you have a money back guarantee?

If, within the first 7 days, you aren’t 100% happy with the Ultimate Birth Preparation Toolkit I will gladly refund you every cent

When's the best time to buy this?

Anytime! It’s never too early or too late (you may just have to cram a little more)

Feel confident and prepared for birth

Without the stress or overwhelm.