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Your journey through pregnancy, birth and into parenthood is as much about you as it is your baby.

Yet too often, the focus is solely on baby. Boy or Girl? Big baby! Are they sleeping well? And the most common one – at least you have a healthy baby. As if Mums matter less.

And that feeling of ‘why is everyone so focussed on baby, what about me?’ is completely normal.

Do you wish that there was a space where you felt like you were just as important as your baby?

I’m here to tell you that as a Mum, or Mum-to-be, you do matter.

And you should matter.

Bright Mums is about you.

You matter.

I am the voice behind your voice.

I’m Kate Vivian, Mum of three and a pregnancy and birth geek.

I know what it is like to be hearing ‘at least you have a healthy baby’ when all you want to hear is ‘how are you?’.

I’m your biggest cheerleader.  The one standing behind you saying ‘you can do this’.  Reminding you that you matter,

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Hypnobirthing Australia classes

Hypnobirthing Australia Classes

Learn everything you need to rock your birth, regardless of circumstances.

Learn all the tools and techniques you need to release the fear around birth, find your voice and have a truly positive birth experience. Group and private classes available. 

Find out more about Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes

VBAC with Confidence

Feel confident and empowered to give birth on your own terms

Once a caesarean is not always a caesarean. My VBAC with Confidence course will help you navigate your journey to a positive VBAC

Find out more about VBAC with Confidence

Postpartum doula and support

Let the village come to you (virtually or in-person)

Start your journey into parenthood with the support that everyone says you need, but few of us rarely get. Feel calm and confident as you start life with your baby.

Feel supported beyond birth with a postpartum doula.

Pregnancy Support

Find calm and confidence in among the chaos

Feeling confused and overwhelmed by all the information? Wanting someone to help you prepare and plan your positive birth but don’t want to leave your house?

You need a birth bestie!

My pregnancy planning and preparation sessions will start you on your journey to a positive birth.


It was lovely to be surrounded by positivity, and leave the classes feeling much more educated and empowered. Now, with Kate’s help, I know - I’ve got this!

Sarah Fenwick

‘I love how supportive you are of everybody's personal choices!'

Cat Irvine

You'll learn so much about pregnancy and birthing, that you'll feel empowered by that knowledge, especially if you want to be actively involved in the decision making process of your birth!

Sara Carless

Wanting to know more about how you can have a positive birth?

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Blog and Birth Stories.

Do I need a vaginal exam in labour?

Do I need a vaginal exam in labour?

  It is a question that comes up all the time with Mums-to-be - Do I have to have a vaginal exam during labour? And the simple answer is, no. You do not need to have a vaginal exam during labour. Or pregnancy for that matter. It is important to remember that...

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Hypnobirthing with a precipitous labour

41 weeks + 2 days - Booked for an induction I was 41 weeks + 2 days and was scheduled for an induction the following day at 2pm at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH).  From 36 weeks up until this point I had tried everything to go into labour spontaneously – 6 dates a day,...

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Hypnobirthing during Covid

Hypnobirthing during Covid

My incredible hypnobirth - plus Covid! Hey Kate!! Sorry this is has taken so long to get to you!    It's a bit of a ride so strap on in haha!  29th of April I'm 39 weeks (well 38+6) I was scheduled in for an induction at 11am at (our hospital). We got a message to say...

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Hypnobirthing – Birth Centre

Hypnobirthing – Birth Centre

Early labour started at about 3am on my due date just with some period pain like cramping and I lost my mucous plug. The cramping continued throughout the day without really getting stronger or more regular and I was expecting this to go on for days. I had thankfully...

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