My incredible hypnobirth – plus Covid!

Hey Kate!!
Sorry this is has taken so long to get to you! 
It’s a bit of a ride so strap on in haha! 
29th of April I’m 39 weeks (well 38+6) I was scheduled in for an induction at 11am at (our hospital).
We got a message to say come in half hour earlier to do a RAT, I know what you are thinking this is standard procedure these days. Now three days before hand I was with my mum at her house discussing the upcoming birth and any last minute things I needed, she knew I was coming over so she did a at home rat and it was negative, the next day she tested positive  ?
We all thought I would be okay, as I wasn’t with her that long only about an hour.
So knowing mum was positive and that I had to get a rat at the hospital, I decided to do an at home one, as I would rather know now rather than finding out at the hospital. 
I was positive instantly. But asymptomatic. 
We called the hospital to ask what should we do (hoping we could have had it pushed back) but they told us to come in. 
My husband had to also get return a negative PCR to be able to be with me, he was only allowed to be there for active labour, the birth and then three hours after.

We wait on Covid results….

I get to my room in the covid maternity ward, it’s about 11.30am 
I had a chat with the doctors about what process of induction I was going to have. 
We decided that I was going to have the tape, at about 1.30pm it go inserted. But I wasn’t even thinking about that . My husband still hadn’t got the results from his pcr. We arranged for my best friend to be my birth partner incase my husband was positive. 
Around 3pm he got his results and was negative 
Yay! Now able to relax a little I started to use my hypnobirthing techniques, looking through and saying  the mantras truly helped me. 
I made up two more while in there. 
I had gotten through a HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) pregnancy with GD (Gestational Diabetes)
And I wasn’t going to let fucking covid defeat me 
My hg flared up again and I was sick a few times during my induction and labour 

1.30am the tape was removed

3.30am I was told I was favourable and that they just needed to prep a room

6.30am still waiting, was told that they are now waiting for a room and now also staff
9.30am it was finally time for me to go in
My husband even though he had to get the PCR also had to get a RAT (another worrisome 15 minutes but he was still negative). I was 3cm dilated but I was also a bit backed up, so they gave me some stuff to try to empty my bowls.

Labour progresses

11.30 the rest of the induction process started, I got my cannula in with fluids and the oxytocin. I was able to walk around and change positions
We were standing/walking and swaying and leaning for a long period of time. I then was laying with the peanut ball for awhile, as the surges became more intense and I was a bit sick of standing haha!
I used warm compression on my back (I unfortunately didn’t get to use the TENS, wish I did) my husband read the scripts and also did some acupressure on my back. But I found the breathing techniques the most useful, 
I attempted to use the gas and air but found it messed with my breathing techniques.
I tried different positions with the peanut ball but the surges started to become way to much and I couldn’t handle laying down any more. They were shooting down into my legs and that was the most uncomfortable, and I felt the need to rub/put pressure on my upper thighs for the pain. 
I had been having internal exams but the midwife was telling Matt not me, I had another and I remember thinking ‘mate I better be at least 7-8cm)I overheard and I was 5cm hahaha ugh I was so done at this point
So I changed to sitting up, this was my happy place, I was able focus on my music, rub/apply pressure to my legs, breath deeply and also had an icy pole (recommend it hahaha) 
At this point it was about 6pm I’m not sure how long I was sitting up for but….
I felt the need to to go the bathroom (and I did) I got unhooked and made my way to the toilet, while on the toilet I felt like something wasn’t right, and I was right. I got checked again and she said I was ready. 
I had a surge on the way back to the bed.
I leaned over the bed, Matt leaned over the other side did light touch and held onto me and encouraged me. 
I then got onto my knees while still leaning on the bed 
One surge, he was crowning 
I had to keep getting reminded to breathe, when I’m in pain I hold my breath haha 
Second surge his head was out 
Third and final surge at 6.36pm shoulders and baby made his arrival 
He was passed under me and I heard the midwife say here’s your baby and I said where hahaha
I then looked down and grabbed him and brought him up to my chest.
I remember saying, I fucking did it! 
Hypnobirthing with Covid
We did lots of skin on skin bonding and the delayed cord clamping 
I still cannot believe that I did it naturally, my husband was in absolute awe and told everyone hahaha 
Shockingly, even the midwife (the one who took over from my first one) was amazed she said to me a natural birth is basically unheard of and that their go to is epidurals and c-sections 
Cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and your program! 
Hypnobirthing with Covid

Kate Vivian is a self-professed pregnancy and birth geek who is finally learning to embrace the chaos of having 3 kids. It was the birth and ‘bringing baby home’ experience of her first baby, and the overwhelming guilt that went with it, that led her to start Bright Mums – and create a world where Mums matter.

 A Certified Hypnobirthing Australia Practitioner, childbirth educator and postpartum doula, Kate works with Mums-to-be not only supporting them through pregnancy, and birth but also teaching them to honour themselves at a time when the world is telling them their baby is the most important thing.

With almost 2 decades in adult education, Kate has the ability to create a safe space, a non-judgey space. A place where Mums can relax and feel supported regardless of what their journey looks like. 

A keen traveller in a former (pre-kids) life, Kate dreams of the day her kids are big enough to take skiing and they can completely show her up while she is busy falling down mountains.

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