Hypnobirthing Australia is not a ‘natural or nothing’ approach to birth – it is about having a positive birth, whatever the circumstances. Ash and Anthony did the Positive Caesarean course with me – read all about how they used everything they learnt to remove the fear and have a calm, positive caesarean birth.

Hi Kate,

Thanks for getting in touch. We had such a wonderful birth in the end and I was so thankful for the tools you gave us to achieve this.

There were moments where I could feel the panic rising up and Anthony was able to help remember what I needed to do and the spinal was an absolute breeze!

The nurses and midwives were all asking what I was listening to in my headphones because the hadn’t seen someone so relaxed before!


I think our little boy got all the benefits and was born from a calm womb and has been relatively calm since. Unfortunately, he was maybe too calm and was in some respiratory distress after not being able to get all the fluid out of his lungs. He spent the first 24 hours getting some extra help in the nursery which was hard but again I tried to remember my affirmations.


We got to have skin to skin contact straight away which I was also very grateful for.


Alby Arthur Brindal has stolen our hearts.


Ash & Anthony

Our world-first Positive Caesarean Birth Course helps you to build the knowledge, tools, support team and mindset to help you achieve a very calm, positive caesarean birth experience. 

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