Hypnobirthing is not just for birth! The journey into motherhood can be an absolute roller-coaster – and can be as unpredictable as birth itself. Read how this mama used her hypnobirthing techniques to help her navigate the days after birth.

I’ve been intending to write to you for some time, however have never seemed to be able to catch the moment to sit at my computer and write to you. I don’t often look at social media, however this morning I went onto instagram and saw your red lipstick post, and thought – this ‘something’ for myself today is to share my message with Kate! It is interestingly a poignant day to write to you – as our baby is now three months old – and with this little milestone we also celebrate the end of fourth trimester.
Brad and I came to your May workshops when I was in third trimester, excited and a little anxious about the upcoming birth of our baby. Following your workshop, I created a vision board that held all the key messages that I wanted to take with me as I journeyed through labour. We created our labour and birth plans, and downloaded the hynobirthing tracks.
These tracks were one of the most significantly helpful things throughout my pregnancy, and unexpectedly, post-birth as well.
I had particularly bad pregnancy insomnia. Frustratingly, I would find myself awake most nights in the ‘witching hour’, unable to get back to sleep, but so tired. I would put on the tracks on repeat and rest, letting the words and calmness sink into my consciousness in the dark. I felt such a deep sense of peace in these moments, and later, when I was highly anxious after the birth of our baby, I would replay these tracks and would instantly be taken back to these moments when I felt grounded and content.
Labour progressed as I imagined it would. On Friday the 30th of July, 3 days after my birthday, I woke up feeling different. It was a stormy day, and rather than venturing out in the weather to meet my sister-in-law for coffee, I changed plans and decided to trust this feeling and stay home. A few hours later, I had period-like cramping and called my mum and husband – I was so excited, but also aware things could fizzle out. A few hours later I was experiencing intense cramps and my husband was on his way home from work early. When he was home, I turned off my phone and went ‘into the zone’, using a hot shower, the fitball, dim lighting and candles, selected music, all the things we planned on doing. It was very intense, but a special time. The TENS machine was amazing!
My contractions were lasting over a minute, and regularly only a few minutes apart. We went to the birth centre and met our midwife, who had been seeing us since 16 weeks, she was as excited as we were. Devastatingly though, I was sent home, I was only 3cm dilated! I couldn’t believe it, and lost my nerve. The contractions were enormously intense and powerful, I was already using the peak of my techniques, how could I go home?! We endured a challenging, long night ahead of no sleep and constant contractions. By 5am I was absolutely exhausted and returned to hospital. Thankfully this time I could stay, and I laboured for some time on all fours and in the water – it was a very emotional, beautiful and intense time.
Sadly though, things were not progressing after 24 hours and bubby’s heart rate was accelerating with each contraction. Things escalated and very quickly I was out of the water, into a monitored room, experiencing a medical emergency, and whisked to theatre! Our beautiful baby – a boy! – was born by emergency caesarean with the cord wrapped tightly around his neck twice. He was safe and healthy.
I struggled with the traumatic birth. The medical intervention was absolutely necessary to save mine and my baby’s life, and I will forever be grateful for this. It was not the birth that I wanted for me or my baby however, and it was really hard for me to accept this. For some time, I felt heartbreakingly disconnected from my little man, as I recovered physically and emotionally from surgery. 
With the immense love and support from friends and family – our ‘village’ – and the help of a therapist, I have fully recovered! I am totally gooey over our little man :). He is so alert and smiley, we adore him.
We faced significant challenges following the birth too. Kieran suffered terrible reflux AND colic, and we endured intense and severe sleep deprivation for 10 weeks until we started him on reflux medication and removed gluten, dairy, egg, soy, nightshades from my diet, as well as being on Low FODMAP as well. We are still working on re-introduction of foods but things are significantly better now! We actually sleep, hooray! Kiz was also diagnosed with CMV at week 2 – we had to go through MRI, blood work, vision and hearing testing – thankfully he has no impairment. Amongst these challenges was also his small birth weight requiring formula top ups for the first 2 weeks, latch and breastfeeding issues, a palliative relative and funeral, and an anxious dog that we had to sadly re-home during this time. It was an absolute rollercoaster of a time!!
The Mother-Baby Bundle really helped me to connect with Kieran and personally de-stress amongst these whirlwind of events. I relied on these tracks more post-birth, than I did pre-birth. I am so grateful for them! 
I have recommended hypnobirthing to countless friends and family, in the hopes that it will help them through potentially dark days too, or just generally lift their already positive mood!
Fourth Trimester has been the most difficult thing I have ever done, and I feel so passionate about this sacred time in a mothers life. That journey from maiden to mother is hard for most women, however following a traumatic birth and significant challenges with our newborn, it was particularly trying for me and us. 
I want to spread the message on how essential self-care is, and asking for help is, at any time for women but especially in fourth trimester. Thank you for your post today and for sharing the messages that you do.
Much love,
Elise xxx