Hypnobirthing and Caesareans


I often get asked ‘what happens if I have a caesarean – can I still use hypnobirthing?’

My answer – absolutely!

Hypnobirthing Australia™  is not just about preparing for a natural birth. It is about preparing for a positive birth whatever the circumstances.

Whether a caesarean birth is something you were expecting or not, it can quite often be a daunting thought. And just like a vaginal birth, we need to prepare.

I am having a planned caesarean – why would I need hypnobirthing?


Contrary to popular belief, you do have options to consider and choices to make with caesarean births. Being able to make decisions regarding your birth can make a big difference in your mindset. Some of these decisions can also impact your baby.


Whether from the surgery itself, perceptions of others or recovery following the birth, it is not uncommon to feel worried or anxious about a caesarean. When you are anxious, fearful or worried about something, the sympathetic nervous system kicks in. This ‘fight or flight’ response;

  • increases heart rate
  • increases respiration rate
  • directs blood flow away from ‘non-essential’ areas of the body (including the uterus)
  • may cause stressor hormones to be passed onto baby

In contrast, when you are feeling positive and relaxed, the para-sympathetic nervous system can take over. This ‘rest and digest’ system;

  • decreases your heart rate
  • decreases the respiration rate
  • dilates blood vessels (allowing blood flow to the non-essential organs which includes the reproductive system)

Which do you think is most beneficial to both yourself and your baby?

If you said feeling calm and relaxed, you would be right!



So how do you remain calm and relaxed?


That’s where hypnobirthing comes in. Hypnobirthing teaches you how to create and maintain a positive mindset. It also gives you the tools to allow yourself to relax and remain positive. After all – all birth should be positive!


It is also important to know your options and have discussions with your OB around things like;

  • skin to skin contact
  • setting up a calm birth environment. Yes, you will be in an operating theatre but there are ways you can make it feel less so
  • seeing the birth of your baby either by dropping the drapes or having clear drapes
  • maternal assisted birth – where baby arrives into the world with Mum’s help
  • delayed cord clamping
  • vaginal swabbing

It really is all about being prepared.

Hypnobirthing Australia’s world first Positive Caesarean Course will give you the knowledge, preparation, and support to have a truly positive birth. To find out more about the Positive Caesarean Course, click here

Hear what other parents say about the Positive Caesarean Course

‘My husband and I completed The Positive Caesarean Birth course today with Kate and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. My husband was a bit of a skeptic as we had an ok Caesarean experience first time around so he didn’t really see the point but even he was converted. The tools and techniques that we learnt well be invaluable leading up to and during the birth, and I feel like I have a much better idea of what I want my birth to look like and what I can and can’t ask for from my medical team. I’m looking forward to a much calmer, more in control birth this time around.’

Hypnobirthing Mum, Cat

What happens if I end up having an unplanned or emergency caesarean, do my hypnobirthing tools still work?


Absolutely! Again, Hypnobirthing Australia classes prepare you for a calm, positive birth regardless of circumstances.

If you are in labour when a caesarean section is suggested, remember it is still ok to ask questions! As your advocate, your birth partner can ask questions such as ‘is there the medical indication that this is immediately necessary?’. If not, then use your B.R.A.I.N by asking (or having your partner ask)’

B – What are the Benefits?

R- What are the Risks?

A- What are my Alternatives?

I- What is my Instinct/Gut telling me?

N- What happens if we do Nothing or if we wait?

If it is decided that a caesarean is necessary – and remember you are part of this decision-making process, then everything you have already learnt is still valuable. I have worked with parents who have had absolutely beautiful, calm caesareans after labour had started.

And this is what hypnobirthing is all about!


My name is Kate Vivian and I am a Mum to 3 beautiful girls. I am a Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner, Positive Caesarean practitioner, qualified Adult educator and pre- and postnatal qualified personal trainer. Having experienced a variety of birthing experiences from caesarean birth, to completely drug-free, intervention-free natural VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) I have learnt that we have options when it comes to birth. Moreover, we should be able to make our own decisions regarding our body and our babies. My Hypnobirthing Australia™ classes give you the tools and techniques to make informed, educated decisions and prepare for a calm, positive birth regardless of circumstances.


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