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‘Own your birth’ call

Clarity, confidence and courage to own your birth, whatever direction it takes

Birth plans – do you or don’t you?

Perhaps you’ve been told not to bother, that you can’t plan a birth.

Or perhaps it’s the opposite and you’ve been told that a birth plan is a ‘must have’. And now you’re thinking ‘great, but I have no idea where to start’.

What if there was an easier way?

One which didn’t feel like you had to actually ‘plan your birth’ in order to have a positive birth. Or leaving you feeling upset or let down if things ‘didn’t go to plan’.

What if there was a way you could gain clarity about how you want to feel during your birth and then the confidence, courage and practical steps to achieve it?

 An ‘Own your birth’ is for you to…

Clarify how you want to feel during your birth experience and your vision for birth

Understand the basics of labour and birth – the 101 guide to the physiology of labour

Prepare to set up your environment to best support your birthing body

Create your birth plan in a way that honours what is important to you while allowing for different circumstances to unfold

This is not about having a ‘set in stone’ plan for birth. An ‘Own your birth’ call is about understanding you and your desires for birth. It’s about having options in place so that even if circumstances change you are in a place to make informed, educated decisions. And more importantly, you’ve thought about this well before you are in labour (because labour is not the time to be doing new research!).


What’s included


1 to 1 private session via Zoom


Journal prompts before we meet to help you understand what is important to you


Birth plan template to customise and make your own


Birth partner's cheat sheet


'Creating a birth sanctuary' cheat sheet

Price $147

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