I know you're exhausted mama

If only life came with an ‘unwind’ button

A way to feel like you’ve hit reset, without spending a stack of money or time to do so


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I see you, trying to do everything for everyone – all of the time…

You’ve got a to-do list that’s a mile long

You’re constantly on the go, trying to keep, what feels like, a thousand balls in the air.

And the mum-guilt has set in at the very thought of not being able to keep everything together.

You feel like you can’t keep going on like this.

You feel like you’re constantly holding your breath – waiting, just waiting for everything to settle down, even just a little, so that you can exhale

You’re tired of always trying to hold it together, without a moment to yourself.

And you just wish you had moments in your day that were just for you – because maybe then you wouldn’t feel so irritable, grumpy and, let’s be honest, over it.

What if there was a way to press pause? To hit reset?

The truth is you don’t have to keep going like you are – feeling like you are swimming against the tide.

You can take some time for yourself, release the mum-guilt and feel rested and replenished so that you can keep going. You deserve it.

Kate Vivian Rediscovering you



A simple approach to help you feel rested, replenished and ready to keep going with whatever life throws at you next.

Over 5 days, I will share with you my unique ‘5 R’ framework to help you release the mum-guilt,  and bring some calm and connection (and sanity!) back into your day. And I will be with you every step of the way.

5 days – 5 simple ways to release, reset and replenish

A new pillar each day – so you can do things in your own time, without having to find huge amounts of time


What you get

 Daily videos with simple tools and techniques

Worksheets with journal prompts

Daily affirmations to print or download


I’m Kate Vivian

Mama to three, childbirth and matrescence educator, doula and lifelong chocoholic.

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re constantly on the go. Wondering how you can get through the next tantrum, sleepless night or lockdown.

Since having children I’ve moved through needing to be superwoman, doing everything for everyone and feeling so dame exhausted because of it to learning how to let go. How to actually look after myself. How to reset

Reset is bringing together all the tools I have used in my work as a hypnobirthing practitioner, coach, doula and mama and wrapping it up into bite-size pieces you can actually fit into your day. Because nobody needs a longer to-do list.

Kate Vivian Mama Rising Facilitator

Are you ready to Reset?

It’s time to do something that’s just for you.

You’ve found yourself on this page for a reason.

Maybe you’ve been a part of my community for a while or maybe you’re new here.

No matter how you got here’s it not by accident.

You don’t need someone telling you that if you just try some yoga or head to a spa, everything will be ok. Especially when it means trying to organise someone to look after the kids, just for you to spend the whole time worrying about what you’re going to walk into when you get home.

You don’t want yet another person telling you how important it is to fill your cup when some days you don’t even know where you left it.

You just want want to find a way to release and reset. 

To unwind.

To bring some calm back into your day and forgive yourself when you feel like you can’t get anything right.

You’ll have an easy-to-use, ‘don’t need to leave the house’ framework to help you feel more calm, connected and steady, and ready to carry on with ‘mum-life’.

Got questions?

I’ve got you covered

What happens when I hit buy now?

As soon as you hit ‘buy now’ you’ll be taken to my checkout page to make payment. Once you have purchased the course, you will receive an email with your log-in instructions and access to the first video. 

I'm worried I won't have time each day to watch the videos

I know how busy life can get – I’m right there with you. Each video is designed to be short and help you find ways to decrease stress – not add to it! While you’ll receive an email every day,  there’s no need to watch them in order or to do one every day. You will have access to the videos as long as I have the course. If I decide to remove the course, I will let you know in advance so you can catch up.

Rest assured – where ever you are in the content is exactly where you need to be!

I'm worried this course won't be for me

Do you feel like you could do with a little less stress in your life? Do you feel like you’re constantly giving to others and have no time for yourself? Then this course is for you. However, if you’re not 100% happy with it, simply let me know within 7 days of purchase and I will refund you, no questions asked. Simply email me kate@brightmums.com.au 

Are you ready to Reset?

It’s time to do something that’s just for you.