Mama, it’s time to write your own story of motherhood.

A story without the guilt or the overwhelm. 

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Do you feel like you have forgotten who you are since becoming a mama?

Do you feel like you’ve been split in two – the woman you were before children and the woman, the mama, you are now? And it’s left you questioning ‘who am I?’ or ‘is this it?‘.

Do you feel like you’ve suddenly become invisible and living in a world that doesn’t seem to place any value on becoming a mother? 

Do you have days where you’re telling yourself – ‘I can’t do this anymore’?

And then do you have a serious case of ‘mum guilt’ that you’re questioning yourself – especially if you’re not loving every minute of this whole mum gig?

You’re not alone mama. And you’re in the right place.

It’s time for us to do motherhood differently. It’s time for us to rewrite the stories we’ve been told, to finally feel seen and heard.

What we’ve been taught in the past about giving up who you are because ‘you’re a mum now and that’s all that matters’ needs to be set aside.

It’s time for us to release the old stories we’ve been told that mothers must give everything up – including their identity.

It’s time for us to step out of the shadows and start walking the journey we were meant to be on.

It’s time for us to model what we want for our children. For them to be themselves, to know their worth, to speak their truth and to follow the journey that’s right for them.

Here’s the honest truth. In order to be the role model we want for our children, we have to become it.

Kate Vivian Rediscovering you



A 9-week journey for the mama who is ready to rewrite and reimagine the rules of motherhood, and write her own story.

A 9-week journey for the mama who is ready to stop being invisible, rediscover her worth (and it’s not related to a paycheque) and write her own story of motherhood and identity.

You’ve found yourself on this page for a reason.

Maybe you’ve been a part of my community for a while or maybe you’re new here.

No matter how you got here’s it not by accident.

You’re here because

  • You’re tired of feeling invisible and you just want to feel seen and heard – without judgement
  • You know there has to be a better way – even if you don’t know what that looks like just yet.
  • You’re over feeling isolated, lost and alone
  • You know you can’t keep doing this, like this, anymore
  • You want to feel valued and to start to figure out who you really are as a woman and a mama
  • You don’t want to do it alone.

And this is what Rewrite is all about.

I’m inviting you to be part of an incredible group of mamas who are ready to ditch the endless self-sacrifice & giving up who they are and what’s important to them and start to be seen for the women they truly are. As more than ‘just a mum’.

It’s called Rewrite and together we’re going to reflect on and rewrite our stories of motherhood so you can start your journey to becoming the woman, and the mama, you want to be.

I’ll be honest with you.

My journey into motherhood rocked my world. And not in the magical way I imagined. I felt like I had been split in two – the woman I used to be and the person I had become – someone’s mum.  I felt lost, overwhelmed and guilty that I wasn’t loving every minute of it. Some days I would have given anything to be my ‘old-self’ even only for a moment.

But what I finally learned as I journeyed deeper into motherhood (and had two more babies) is that I was so busy living other people’s stories of motherhood, living out other’s expectations that I had lost myself in the process.

I learned that the journey into motherhood was just that – a journey. One of becoming. But to get there, I had to write my own stories.

And I want to share with you everything I learnt along the way. 

My journey’s not over, so I’ll be learning and growing right there with you. Just like our children continue to grow, develop and emerge into their own being – so do we.

This isn’t a quick fix. It’s not going to solve all the problems of the world and I don’t have all the answers (I don’t think anyone does). 

It will help you feel valued, supported, heard and seen as you start to write your own story of motherhood and emerge as the woman, and mama, you were truly meant to be.

Here’s what being a part of Rewrite will do for you.

This collective of women is a place where we will come together to learn, to reflect, to grow. A place where you can thrive – without feeling overwhelmed or like you’ve just added yet another thing to your never-ending to-do list.

Here’s how it works

Over 9 weeks together, via live Zoom calls we’ll explore the work of one of my greatest teachers through the Mama Rising formula of support.

Rediscovering you mother and baby
mother reading rediscovering you
mother reading rediscovering you

Becoming – the birth of you as a mother

Becoming a mother is so much more than giving birth or welcoming a baby into your life. During this time, we explore;

  • The physical and emotional transformation that happens when you become a mother
  • How the history of motherhood influences the stories we tell ourselves today
  • The concept of matrescence and why it matters so that you can understand why you feel the way you do and know that you are not alone.



Awakening – understanding the inner split

During this time we’ll dive into the unravelling, and understanding the inner split as we cover;

  • what it means to be a ‘good mother’ and a ‘successful woman’
  • what your inner critic is telling you about how you mother so that you can recognise the voice and have strategies in place to deal with her
  • what it means to be a good mother in today’s world and give you ways you can start to treat yourself with the kindness you deserve
  • the masculine and feminine and their role in motherhood so that you can start to reconnect with your inner wisdom


Emerging – rediscovering who you are now

During this time of rediscovering who you are now together we cover;

  • how society values mothers and your own values so that you can redefine and rediscover your values now – as a woman and a mother
  • how to start to look at things differently so that you can learn more about who you are now
  • how the unravelling, and the inner split can help you rebuild into who you want to be
  • how you can start reconnecting with yourself, your body and your intuition so that you can start to rediscover who you really are now and reconnect with those around you

You’ll also get access to these bonuses…

Workbook and Journal prompts

Each week you’ll receive both the Mama Rising and the Rewrite workbooks filled with questions and journal prompts so that you can reflect on your own journey as you rediscover who you are now.

Access to the private Rewrite Facebook group

with weekly check-ins and opportunities for you to connect with other mothers just like you so that you can find your village

Online Women's Circle

Every two weeks we will come together and sit in circle – this will be a chance for you to ask questions, share your stories and be listened to, and supported, without judgement


Plus we get to hang out!

I’m Kate Vivian – mama to three, childbirth and matrescence educator, doula and chocoholic.

I’ve been where you are. Wondering why  the gulf between life before children and life with children feels so damn big.

Questioning, wondering, overwhelmed.

And the guilt! So much guilt for asking myself ‘is this it, is this all there is?’. I had wanted children for such a long time, and we went on a bit of a journey to have our first baby, and then suddenly I found myself questioning who I was now that I was a mother. I felt so lost, confused, isolated and invisible.

Rewrite is the village we should have had. A place to connect. And you can ask me anything. I won’t have all the answers and I won’t be telling you what to do. That’s not what this is about.

Rewrite is about discovering your own voice and finding the answers within you.

But I will be here listening, witnessing and walking the journey with you. Just as we were meant to do.

Together is better. It just is.


Kate Vivian Mama Rising Facilitator

Imagine if you could be the mama you want to be and the kind of woman you want to be.

You can – and at the same time.  But you can’t do it following the old model and telling the same stories.

We need a different model. One that values mothers. One that supports us to emerge from our journey into motherhood thriving, not just surviving.

If you could split up with the need to be a superwoman and start honouring yourself differently.


It’s time to do things differently. It’s time to rewrite the rules. It’s time to write your own story.

When you join today you get access to;


The complete Rewrite program

A 9-week program, with live Zoom calls where we can learn, reflect, and discover together in a safe, non-judgey space.




Fortnightly Mamas' circles


Access to the private Rewrite Facebook group


Rewrite and Mama Rising Workbooks

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Got questions?

I’ve got you covered

What happens if I can't make the calls live?

Can’t make the Zoom calls as they are happening? Firstly, I get it! Between kids, life, and work, I know what it is like. All calls will be recorded and available for you to access after the live call.

How long do the calls go for?

Each Zoom call lasts roughly between 1 hour and 1 hour and 15 minutes

Does it matter if my baby is no longer 'a baby'?

Absolutely not. Regardless of whether you have a newborn, a toddler, a teenager or whether your kids have grown up, this program is for you if you want to start to discover and emerge as who you are now.

Do you have a payment plan option?

Yes, payment plans are available, just choose the option that best suits you. If these don’t suit, simply email me to find out more.

What happens when I click ' join now'?

Firstly – if you are considering joining me so that you can rewrite the stories of motherhood and write your own instead, take a moment to celebrate doing something for yourself.

When you click ‘join now’ you’ll be taken to the payment page. Once paid, you’ll receive further emails outlining what happens next, when we start, call details plus giving you access to the private Facebook group.

Are you ready to rewrite the stories of motherhood?

So, if you’re ready to ditch the overwhelm, the guilt and the need to be ‘a perfect mother’ and start on your journey to rediscovering who you are now…