Star joined me to prepare for the birth of her third baby. Although she had had two beautiful, natural births previously, Star was looking for a calmer experience for this birth – I think she got it!

Being prepared

Third baby obviously so I knew the signs to look for. I felt very prepared and my body was very ready to go. With having the other kids around I felt like I needed a solid plan of action so I could feel comfortable that they were well cared for to ease my mind.

I felt very prepared and my body was ready to go.

I was overly prepped this time, bags packed in advance, neighbours etc on alert to feed dogs, lots of food prep done. I gave myself every opportunity to relax and feel prepared that I could.

Things are starting to happen

I was 39 + 1 on Sunday and my OB had said any day now as bubs head was 4/5th engaged. First contraction at 4:02pm, my body did the natural prep for birth with a bowel evacuation (sure sign of true labour starting!!). We left home at 5:15pm as my contractions were 3 in 10 mins and a minute or two long each, they were very efficient surges and I could feel decent movement with each one. It started to feel intense at 5:30pm when we arrived at hospital and I stood up out of the car. 

I had no drugs as with the last two births. I don’t like gas and I didn’t want anything else. I didn’t use the TENS machine this time as I felt it would cloud my Hypnobirthing vibe (I needed to relax my muscles instead of tense them). 

I listened to Paul Kelly Deeper Water on repeat as that song reminds me of waves and the calm but tumultuous ocean which I use as a good visual. 

I used four phrases over and over again:

Flop and Breathe.

Don’t fight it.

Go with it.

Relax and be calm.

I said these over and over and sung them through my surges too. I clicked my fingers and tapped my feet as the surges built up and flowed away. My husband said I clicked louder the stronger the surges got. I went from birth ball to chair to the side of the bed as I needed.


I felt myself go into transition and I really really had to focus and not let fear take over. I had the midwife and Marc put cold flannels on my neck and back and rub gently to distract me. Marc tickled my arms up until I found it too much, then cold flannels felt better and I sipped water. 

I knew when transition was done as I felt a big sense of calm right before a sudden urge to bear down. I climbed up on the bed and was on my knees with my arms over the bedhead. 

My midwife supported my birth position but my OB wanted me to turn on my back. I knew it would be better this way with gravity helping and I felt in control so I stood my ground.

Listening to my body

My waters broke at 7:10pm and she was out at 7:16pm! I think it took four pushes all up with great guidance from my OB when to pause and when to power on. I waited until I felt enough power to use it effectively. I really focussed on listening to my body which is so hard but I think I was more in tune this time with what I could achieve. 

Straight on my chest and we did delayed cord clamping of more than 10 mins. I asked for no oxytocin injection as I wanted to deliver the placenta naturally but after 30 mins (and the cord had been cut by then) they suggested I get it to prevent excess bleeding so I had it done and 5 mins later it was out. 

Such an amazing experience, I was very calm and collected this time which made me feel very capable and in control.

My name is Kate Vivian and I am a Mum to 3 beautiful girls. I am a Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner, Positive Caesarean Course practitioner, qualified Adult educator and pre- and postnatal qualified personal trainer. Having experienced a variety of birthing experiences from caesarean birth, to completely drug-free, intervention free natural VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) I have learnt birth should be a positive, joyful experience and we have options when it comes to birth. Moreover, we should be able to make our own decisions regarding our body and our babies. My mission is to help you find the joy in their pregnancy and birth – in whatever shape that looks for you.

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